General Support

General Support

Our network of agencies is comprised of a wide variety of organizations that serve the New York City/Tri-State community. Each agency focuses its efforts on supporting its unique neighborhood, and often times those needs can change throughout the year. To ensure that all of our agencies have the necessary resources to meet the needs of their community, we have established the General Support program. This program allows us to assess the needs of each agency and provide the appropriate level of aid to help them achieve their goals. The funding from this program also provides support for our day-to-day operations and is essential to fulfilling our mission.

How to Donate Now

You can donate to St Francis Food Pantries & Shelters by visiting our Donations PayPal. See the link below to donate now:

To learn more on how to support St Francis Food Pantries & Shelters, Email us at or Call us at (212) 279-6171.

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