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With the winter season in full swing and, perhaps, more harsh than anyone anticipated, the clients of St. Francis Food Pantries and Shelters rely on us for even more assistance. Recently, we were able to send a shipment that contained hundreds of coats and articles of clothing to three shelters which we support in Manhattan.

Our recent corporate-sponsored winter drives raised items which included diapers, cereal, toys and more, in addition to coats and clothing. These initiatives, hosted by supporters from the corporate community, help to generate items that many New York area people may otherwise go without.

Grateful clients can breathe a little easier knowing that they have a warm coat and an extra layer of clothing, to see them through. This, along with knowing that they have a helping hand and the support of their community, is truly invaluable.

Coats are distributed at one of our annual meals. We were fortunate to receive hundreds of coats during our winter coat drive.

Our clients choose from coats and winter accessories that our supporters helped to raise. "This one looks very warm!"

These gentlemen are all smiles after selecting a warm coat. This client is focused as she selects a coat from countless donations.

Clients choose from coats that are organized by size. Our aim is to lend a helping hand - in a dignified manner. "This is a great color, someone will love this one!"

This cutie is pretty in pink and had a blast searching for the perfect coat!
Only the best for the people who depend on us.
Coats, gloves and hats are one less thing for our clients to worry about this winter.
"I found the winner, thank you St. Francis Food Pantries and Shelters!"
Donated items also included infant and childrenŐs clothing and coats.