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Thanksgiving in February

Our popular, annual "Thanksgiving in February" was held on Saturday, February 23, 2018 at St. John the Baptist church in Manhattan. This event couldn’t come at a better time, because mid-February is when we see a slowdown in both financial and in-kind donations, which is only natural as that’s when most people ease off the holiday season feeling of giving. So this event is not only a big help, it’s a great reminder to our clients that they have not been forgotten.

"Thanksgiving in February" was co-sponsored by our friends at Macy’s and ConEd, who collectively sent almost four dozen volunteers to St John’s church hall, all of whom helped serve food to literally hundreds of people in need. St. John’s Bread of Life Food Pantry and the Grandparents Advocacy Project and their clients were welcome guests. We served a delicious and filling Thanksgiving-style meal of turkey with all the trimmings. In addition, every adult guest left with a hygiene kit (donated by Colgate) and every kid received a plush toy (donated by Animal Adventure).

Carrying on the the "season of giving" well after the holidays have come and gone is both important and gratifying. Thank you to all who donated their time and energy to help make this day a success and memorable experience for all of these grateful families!

At St. Francis Food Pantries, when it's February... ...It's time to celebrate Thanksgiving!

Volunteer partners from Con Edison and... ...Macys serve up a feast at a time of year people forget the less fortunate.

It is an opportunity to take the day off and have someone serve you. An opportunity to spend the day in community with family.

And in classic St. Francis spirit the day has entertainment... ...And facepainters to keep the children engaged.

Cannot forget the balloon table.
A hot meal on a cold cold February day was appreciated.
ConEdison volunteers manning the coffee station.
You have to expect a desert after a filling Thanksgiving meal.
Thank you to all that support St. Francis that we are able to provide this February celebration.