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St. Francis Food Pantries developed the "Stocking the Shelves" program to raise funds to help provide food supplies to the food pantries, soup kitchens and shelters in our network. We are fortunate that both private individuals and corporations make contributions.

Each location we support can choose exactly which items they need when we contact them as the lists of food items are designed specifically for a food pantry for their weekly food bags or a soup kitchen which provides hot meals.

Volunteers and staff at the various locations receive hundreds of cases of food that are delivered through this program. They are especially grateful for this support during the summer months when the demands increase radically.

We at St. Francis Food Pantries and Shelters are also grateful that we have so many dedicated volunteers and sponsors who grasp the need to provide for those of us who are less fortunate.

Weekly food deliveries are made to the pantries we support throughout the tri-state area. Volunteers come on food delivery days to help unload the cases of food delivered.

Each case of food is labeled as donated by St Francis Food Pantries. We provide the food pantries we support with a list of foods to choose from that best meet the needs of their clientele.

Many of the volunteers that help restock the shelves are also clients of the food pantry. Milk that can be kept on the shelf for over 6 months is a big request among food pantries.

Cases and cases of food were delivered just in time! The Director of this food pantry said that their shelves were dangerously low for the summer traffic flow of people.

As soon as the food is delivered, volunteers start to restock the shelves at this "pantry of choice".
Food "pantries of choice" allows the clients a dignified way to choose the food that their families need rather than be handed a bag of food.
After the cases of food have been transported to the storage room, one of the clients shops for food his family will eat.
The food pantries we help support are all non-profit and heavily rely upon the help of unpaid volunteers. Where there is a need, people gather to help one another.
Baby food is heavily requested due to young parents stressed for family time working multiple jobs to pay their bills.