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On Wednesday, March 15, 2017, St. Francis Food Pantries and Shelters held its Annual "St. Patrick's Day Luncheon" presented by Macy's as part of their Bag Hunger month. Guests at Encore Community Senior Center in Midtown Manhattan were treated to traditional Irish fare and the entertaining atmosphere of fellowship.

The menu of corned beef with mustard (or turkey with gravy), cabbage and boiled potatoes was enjoyed, followed by a dessert of green-iced cupcakes. Homebound meals were also provided for the Center's members who were unable to travel from their residencies. John, our charismatic Leprechaun-for-the-Day, walked around the party with a "pot of gold" and handed out bundles of gold (chocolate) coins to everyone.

Volunteers from Macy's not only helped to serve this meal to the seniors in attendance, they also sat down to dine and converse with them. This display of togetherness was greatly appreciated by everyone who was in attendance.

Thank you to the Encore Community Services Team for their help in coordinating this festive effort. Also to everyone at Macy's who made this party possible - we're "lucky" to have you!

Macy's volunteers make events like these possible! "Would you like a smile with that corned beef?"

Macy's volunteers don't just serve the food...they cut a rug, too. John, our charismatic Leprechaun-for-the-Day, really brought the Irish out on this festive day.

A couple of our wonderful volunteers with our Leprechaun-for-the-Day, and Joe Sano of StFFP
Fun, food, dancing...what's not to love?
And a "Too-Ra-Loo-Ra-Loo-Ral" to you, too!