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We can’t say enough about our corporate partners! Ross Stores has always been a great friend and supporter of St Francis Food Pantries and Shelters. As Ross Stores receives new inventory for their store shelves, they have excess stock of their older items they need to do something with.

Once a month, Ross’ Mark Sanchez coordinates a shipment of these items to our storage facility. The products—from pillows to picture frames to throw rugs to decorative baskets and more—are organized and boxed for distribution throughout our network of pantries It's like the most wonderful grab-bag of supplies every month.

These items are needed in every home, but for the clientele at our network of pantries, they’re not easily affordable. Up against rising food prices, rent and the electric bill, something as simple as dish towels can become a luxury.

The Director of St Clements Food Pantry, Seth Sibanda knows this too well and looks at these household donations as a remarkable thing. His food pantry services the working poor on the west side of Manhattan, he sees how they struggle. Seth says with a smile, "the unconditional giving that we experience from St Francis, is nothing short of a blessing. Our clientele gets so excited over a small item like a soap dispenser."

We can’t thank Ross Stores enough for keeping their fellow New Yorkers and St Francis Food Pantries and Shelters in mind throughout the year!

Looking at Ross Stores website - you can understand the nice products they offer. We cannot display the products as well but they are great all the same.

Seasonal items have a limited shelf life. But always find a welcome home with our pantries clientele.

Beautiful home furnishings like pillows - frames - baskets.
And throw rugs - wall art - and decorative vases.
Bins of products are delivered to St Francis.
Where St Francis staff organizes the products before distributing them throughout our pantries.