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PB&Js in June

A peanut butter and jelly sandwich. It's a simple thing. They're a quick fix to to answer your hunger pangs. And it really doesn't take very long to make one. Right?

But how long does it take to make 35,906?

Well, almost every day during the month of June we gathered with our corporate partners to answer the call for lunch for so many of our clientele.

Many thanks for the oustanding efforts of:
  • Morgan Stanley
  • CIT
  • Hines
  • Empire Office
  • Cannon Design
  • Polo Ralph Lauren
  • USI Insurance
  • United Healthcare

Empire Office Equipment made 1,310 instant meals. CIT's combined efforts were 2,900 sandwiches.

USI came together to make 2,186 sandwiches. United Healthcare made 5,400 andwiches.

The Empire Group having fun and making sandwiches! This Morgan Stanley group was responsible for 4,400 sandwiches.

This Morgan Stanley group made 4,000 sandwiches. Another Morgan Stanley group made 5,100 sandwiches.

Morgan Stanley made 2,200 sandwiches at this session.
The Morgan Stanley Executive Assisants sandwich making team!
This Morgan Stanley Group made 2,500 sandwiches.
This large gathering of Morgan Stanley employees made 4,800 sandwiches.
This Morgan Stanley group made 2,300 sandwiches.
Morgan Stanley's combined sandwich total for the month of June was over 13,000 sandwiches!