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St Francis Food Pantries & Shelters has an on-going program of Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich Making Days. This is a great way corporations get their employees directly involved with helping to feed the needy. Recently Gensler company sponsored one of these days. Joe Brancato, Principal at Gensler participated along with Dara Osur as chief overseer.

Gensler set aside a conference room for this project. Dara Osur once again organized the teams of volunteers. The over 70 volunteers worked in an assembly line and were divided into four one-hour shifts. The end result was that over 2,300 sandwiches were made.

Assembly line work can be tedious, but not with these volunteers as each shift competitively tried to outdo the previous one! A great sense of team spirit filled the air as everyone chipped in to help those less fortunate.

The sandwiches were a great addition to our "Brown Bag Feeding Program" at two of the pantries that we support.

A conference room at Gensler was all set for sandwich making. Over 70 employees took part in the project.

This team was proud of their efforts. Each sandwich was bagged and then boxed for delivery.

Each of the four shifts quickly learned that "giving back" is a lot of fun! Focus and motivation to outperform the previous shift was evident.

Bob Wechtenhiser from St. Francis Food Pantries was glad to be part of the project. "It's PB & J. How hard can this be?"

Gensler Principal Joe Brancato (standing) joined volunteer coordinator Dara Osur to support his staff and St. Francis Food Pantries and Shelters.
This assembly line style yielded sandwiches very quickly.
These simple PB & J sandwiches are so appreciated by the groups who receive them Š and they canÕt thank us enough.
Over 2,300 sandwiches were made by the volunteers.
"We are always happy to help the less fortunate."