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Unless you're a general manager in the major leagues, you’re probably not thinking about baseball in December.

The NY Mets organization has partnered up with St Francis Food Pantries and brought a little warmth and sunshine to our Encore Community. The nine-player team from the Mets' marketing department volunteered to prepare and serve a warm lunch for the in-house clientele.

As is the season, a piano was present for some holiday music and our local talent got some of the Mets team to perform. In between lunch seatings, there was time to visit with some of the clientele. With over 800 meals prepared and delivered daily, these Met volunteers went into extra innings to help our home-bound seniors.

Each of the seniors that had lunch that day were given a raffle ticket to win a Met's tote bag, a gift from the Mets organization.

The Mets volunteers arrived at Encore with open minds of helping serve lunch. At the close of the event, it was more than a warm meal that was served. It was an experience in serving a meal to a community of people they interacted with through conversation and fun. It was a St Francis Food Pantries experience to remember.

Now playing for the Mets... Encore's Director Elvira Yanes shares the game plan with the team.

Leading off are our food servers. The stop-n-chat coffee station.

The Mets always have a good clean-up hitter! Every meal that is served is well-balanced, nutritious and tasty.

Joe Sano greets the Met personnel.
In the bullpen, meals are prepared for delivery.
The Mets always spend quality time with their fans.
The Mets were kind enough to bring gifts that were raffled off.
It would not be a St Francis event if it did not include entertainment.