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In our experience, Mothers do not always receive the amount of credit that they deserve. From providing food and shelter, to being a beacon of inspiration and support, these Mothers, Grandmothers and Guardians do it all year-round.

With this in mind, whenever there is an opportunity to celebrate the selflessness of these women, we are eager to do so! This year, a few weeks after Mother's Day 2014, we had the privilege of sponsoring a Mother's Day Luncheon on behalf of the Grandparent's Advocacy Project (GAP).

F&J Pine Restaurant specializing in Italian cuisine, served as the beautiful backdrop for an afternoon of leisure and fellowship for these deserving women. After playing a high-spirited version of "The Price is Right" special recognition was given to 10-year-old Dionne Jones and her Grandmother. Dionne graduated from her fifth grade class as the Valedictorian, excelling in every subject and received a medal for her accomplishments (plus an award for ballroom dancing)! Her grandmother, who has been her primary caregiver since she was a baby, was especially proud of Dionne's achievements.

Kathy Gibson, Founder and Director of GAP, was on-hand for the special festivities.

GAP serves grandparents and other relatives who are primary caregivers of children not being cared for by their biological parents. GAP responds to the growing needs of these families in four areas: personal advocacy, education, health and fitness, and respite.

The Grandmothers of G.A.P. played a special version of "The Price is Right." Today is all about them - the special grandmothers enjoying food and fellowship!

We love to see big smiles on everyone's faces! Dionne Jones, the Valedictorian of her 5th grade glass, with her Grandmother!

The day was equal parts relaxing and exciting! G.A.P. luncheons are *always* a great time!

This game sure looks like fun! Today was dedicated to the selfless caregivers of G.A.P.

A very special photo of the Grandmothers who attended the Luncheon.
Kathy Gibson, Founder of GAP, with Dionne Jones and her Grandmother.
Some of the fabulous Grandmothers pose for a photo op!
A mother's job is never done, so it feels wonderful to recognize these women!
G.A.P. is always thankful for the assistance we provide!