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Sunday, May 11th marked Mother's Day 2014 - the one day, out of 365, set aside to celebrate the commitment of a Mother to her family. We can all agree that Moms have one of the most challenging, yet, rewarding jobs in existence.

It is estimated that the average cost of diapers for just one year is roughly $2,600 (or $50 per week). This financial toll can make an already challenging situation even worse for the working poor and those who live in poverty.

With this in mind, our mission to provide over 25,000 diapers to the children of our food pantries and shelters was very special. In turn, we set out to ease the load of these deserving women - whether they are mothers, grandmothers or guardians - who do so much year-round, often with very little recognition.

With a task this important, we needed your help in order to make this Mother's Day 2014 Diaper Drive a success. Thank you to everyone who donated and/or helped to spread the word, we appreciate it more than you know and so do our clients!

At one point or another, every mother can use a helping hand! Diapers of all brands and sizes were purchased with your generous donations.

Diapers galore! "Formula and milk are very expensive, so I'm happy to save money with these!"

Our smallest clients are the recipients of our diaper initiative!
This cutie's mother poses with the diapers she received while she takes a quick nap!
Thank you for helping us to purchase thousands of diapers this Mother's Day!