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St Francis Food Pantries sponsored a Mother’s Day luncheon for the Grandparent’s Advocacy Project. GAP is an extraordinary group of grandparents that support each other as they have found themselves in their “golden years" parenting young children again.

This year’s luncheon was hosted at the Sea Shore Restaurant in City Island and was attended by 22 mothers, grandmothers and even great-grandmothers. While St Francis sponsors the luncheon, the appreciative organizer, Dr Kathy Gibson, makes sure the day is special.

In addition to fellowship and a great meal, attendees and volunteers played games, celebrated two different birthdays (with cake and singing), and took part in a prize raffle, with prizes that included jewelry, scarves, belts and items for homes. The mothers at the event also received a yellow floral lei.

Additionally, 15 GAP members completed an eight-week course on “Parenting a Second Time Around” – offered through Cornell University, but held at the Castle Hill Center – and received their certificates at the luncheon.

This is another wonderful example of how the funds raised year-round by our incredible supporters really make a difference in the lives of those we help. It’s always a joy to be able to give back, especially with a luncheon honoring some of the most important, caring and giving members of our community: mothers of all ages!

Kathy Gibson (left) continues to make a difference in so many lives. Great Grandmother Ms Latimer is one of the oldest members of GAP, enjoying the great recognition.

Not only recognition as mothers but a day of respite. Kathy Gibson makes sure she spends time with all the members of GAP.

One of the Grand Moms is given her "Parenting a Second Time Around" certificate.
Not only mothers grand and great but there was a grandfather, too.
Group shot of some very appreciative people.