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"Mother's Day...the one day a year we try to pay our mom's back for everything they given us over a lifetime." Some of our families celebrated our "Mother's Day Celebration" on Thursday, May 16th at the Lobster House on City Island. As Kathy Gibson, the Director of GAP put it, "Thirty-one grandparents, including three grandfathers, attended. The grannies decided to "guise up" and some wore their best hat and very colorful attire."

The event was sponsored by the St Francis Food Pantries and a gift bag was provided by GAP. Some of the attendees were all given events to plan for the entire group that included a "hat competition" as well as word games, and a raffle. But the one event conceived by one of the grandmothers was a skit of "The Jilted Bride".

The "bride" being one of the grandmothers, wore one of her 3 wedding gowns/veil and marched to the "altar" and waited for her groom, who never showed up. She was hassled by the guests who taunted her with "How long are we gonna wait?" "It's usually the bride who is late. Where is he?" "I saw him with another young woman," and on and on. After a wait in front of the preacher (real) she realized he was not coming. She fell on her mother's shoulders and made a decision to forget him and continue her education. The entire place was in hysterics!

In real life, the bride is a mother of 7 and had held the gowns for her daughters' weddings but they all went to City Hall instead. The bride gave $2.00 rings in small gold boxes and Tiffany colored blue boxes to everyone as wedding favors.

When food brings people together, magic happens!

Director Kathy Gibson happily introduces the Mothers gathered for the day's activities: hat competition, Word scramble and a skit. Quality time amongst friends over a beautiful meal that started with antipasto, salad, penne and then into choice of entre and desert.

The niece of one of the grandmothers reads from a book of poems she recently self-published. A sampling of the gifts provided by GAP and raffled off during the luncheon.

The "fancy hat competition" that was judged by the grandfathers. Dr Gibson announcing the winner of the hat competition along with a nice gift basket prize.

Founding members of GAP celebrating another Mother's Day together and their marriage of over 71 years! The word scramble game that kept everyone on their toes, featured gift prizes and many laughs.

Dr Gibson explains the highlight of the day, the skit of "The Jilted Bride".
The idea was conceived by one of the grandmother's and included an invitation to the wedding at every table setting.
As the bride awaited the groom, taunting calls came from the gathering that kept everyone in hysterics.
After the jilted bride fell on her mother's shoulders and declared she would now continue her education, she gave all those the gathered a gift.
Assemblyman Luis Sepulveda thought he was delivering a Mother's Day cake but instead delivered the jilted bride's "almost wedding cake."