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If you watch "Good Day New York" on Fox 5 NY you are probably familiar with Mike Woods, our recent Special Guest "PB&J Day" Volunteer!

On Monday, September 29th Mike joined our always awesome friends from Macy's for a Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich Making Day! 50 Corporate Volunteers (many, returning) worked in an effort to make thousands of sandwiches that were distributed to some of the food pantries and shelters that we support.

Mike must have predicted yesterday's forecast to be "Sunny With a Chance of PB&J," because with everyone's help, the day turned out to be absolutely wonderful! In the end, over 3,000 sandwiches were made in addition to new friends and a renewed sense of the importance of giving back.

Special thanks to Mike Woods for coming to help out and Christine Grasser of Macy's for joining and helping to coordinate and the volunteers. We are already looking forward to the next time!

If your company is interested in participating in a PB&J Day please contact us for details!

Yes - it definitely is "Peanut Butter Jelly time!" Having Mike in the building definitely boosted everyone's morale!

Let the sandwich-making begin! Good idea, Mike! Looks like a great strategy to us!

Mike stops for a quick photo with a Good Day New York viewer! "We can't wait to start; this is our first time helping out at a PB&J Day!"

We can attest to the sentiment on this t-shirt! Is there any better way to bond than over peanut butter and jelly?

Mike Woods of "Good Day New York" poses for a photo op with Joe Sano, our Exec. Director.
Thank You to Mike Woods and everyone who participated in this very fun PB&J day!
One word comes to mind TEAMWORK!
This group was so focused and we loved it!
Smiling is inevitable when spending the day giving back and making PB&Js!