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Over 5,000 Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches were prepared by volunteers from MetLife. Mavel Jones of the MetLife Foundation organized teams of volunteers who prepared the sandwiches.

Working in an assembly line, over 50 volunteers happily worked on this project on two separate dates. The sandwiches were then added to St. Francis Food Pantries and Shelters "Brown Bag Feeding Programs" at food pantries, soup kitchens and mens' and womens' shelters throughout the New York area.

Our clients were so thankful for the support of MetLife and their cheerful volunteers who enjoy helping the less fortunate.

The MetLife teamwork was evident everywhere as the volunteers were sporting shirts that read, "I Can Do This". This slogan is so apropos - we at St Francis Food Pantries feel strongly that our volunteers certainly do have the right attitude.

The work stations are set up for the MetLife employees when they arrive. There is plenty of inventory on-hand to make 5000 sandwiches!

Two rows of tables are enough for 25 employees to begin the process. A closer view shows the different ways people make each sandwich.

One group of MetLife employees tries the production style method. The opportunity to spend time with fellow employees while providing a service to those in-need is something to smile about.

St Francis Food Pantries offers the opportunity to "give" in so many ways. After making over 2000 sandwiches, these MetLife employees celebrate with a group picture.

Team Leader Yesenia "Jessie" Santiago demonstrates how Each sandwich is made with a smile and a lot of love.
Each of the sandwiches is individually wrapped, then boxed for delivery.
As they prepare over 1000 sandwiches, another group of MetLife employees poses at their work stations.
As the MetLife t-shirts proclaim, "I can do this!"
Boxed sandwiches are labeled and delivered within one day to our brothers and sisters in the New York area.