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Since its inception, our "Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich Making Days" program has become very popular among companies seeking to give back in a hands-on way. Working as a unit, volunteers form an assembly line to make, package and box as many sandwiches as possible during a specified timeframe.

As part of the campaign to Bag Hunger, PB&J Days were scheduled twice per week during every week this month. The outcome: over 30,000 sandwiches were made by hundreds of Macy's volunteers, an enormous contribution to our "Brown Bag Feeding Program." These sandwiches are then distributed throughout our network of over 40 food pantry and soup kitchen locations.

Thank you to all of the volunteers who donate their time and everyone who assists with the coordination of this effort! We look forward to many PB&J Days ahead!

Macy's does at least 8 PB&J days during the month of March! Peanut butter - check! Jelly - check!

These ladies are ready to go! PB&J time has begun.

Smiles, teamwork, peanut butter and jelly! Hi Ladies!

One of the many groups of PB&J Day volunteers during Macy's Bag Hunger. The Macy's crew is ALWAYS so cheerful.

So many volunteers that they barely fit!
The essentials for a successful PB&J day!
This seems like a great strategy!
"This has been one of the most fun and rewarding days."
Fun is never in short supply when Macy's volunteers are in the building.