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In Mid April, as part of their Annual Bag Hunger campaign, our friends from Macy's spent an afternoon packing 200 "Easter Dinner Baskets." These baskets were chock full of ingredients to make a delicious dinner, including: a canned ham, sweet potatoes, green beans, corn, mashed potatoes and more!

Just in time for Easter, we distributed the baskets to Carter Burden Network and the Grandparents Advocacy Project, both of whom were thrilled to receive such beautifully prepared baskets.

We would also like to send a big thank you to our Macy's volunteers for their time, especially Sarah Rattan and Kimberly Nicolich for organizing Macy's employees for the Easter Dinner Basket Project.

It takes a lot of honorary Easter Bunnys to stuff these baskets! Everything needed for a wonderful Easter Dinner meal was included.

More than just basket-stuffers, Macy's even provided their own wrapper... Cans, boxes, baskets and more - Peter Cottontail never had it so good!

As always, volunteers make all of this work.
Macy's even provided some Easter Egg fun for the little ones.
Thanks to everyone for making this event a success.