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Our organization supports over 40 different food pantries and shelters throughout the New York City-area. As you might imagine, this is no small task and takes the commitment of supporters, old and new.

While we receive donations of all types, we often receive "in-kind" ones which include brand new and/or gently used household items. From bedding to appliances and more, the sources of these generously donated "in-kind" are various companies who are corporate supporters.

Although we may purchase everyday household goods with ease, not having to pay for them means the world to clients struggle to make ends meet. Whether they are transitioning from the shelter system into their own residence, or currently live on their own – the circumstances may vary but the impact of help doesn’t. These donations truly do go a long way.

When it comes down to it, the heart and soul of our work, is to help others to help themselves. Our aim is always to provide support to help individuals and families become self-sufficient. Thank you to all of the corporate supporters who reach out, partner with us, and help to lighten the load of people who are seeking a comfortable home.

It is a truly wonderful feeling for us to be able to give a person something that will help them create a home for themselves and their family.

Kitchen appliances are among the "in-kind" donations we receive. Tupperware, plates and bowls help to make a house a home!

A tidy household makes for a happy one Pots and pans for cooking set the tone for delicious meals.

Donations of brand new bedding ensure a comfortable home.
We also commonly receive "in-kind" donations of silverware.
Brand-new towels and bathroom items are also important.