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Holiday Toy Drive

While our annual Toy Drive is always a success, we think we can do better…and we need your help!

While homelessness is certainly a serious problem in the NYC area, many of our clients aren’t homeless. Their budget is very limited, they live paycheck to paycheck and there’s no such thing as disposable income. During the holidays, that budgetary pressure is felt even more. So when we receive donations of toys to give out at our holiday parties, we know we’re bringing happiness to a family and our smallest clients.

We are very grateful to all of the individuals and companies that host toy drives on our behalf. Whether they are longtime supporters – such as ConEd and Disney – or are partnering with us for the first time, no donation goes unnoticed.

We’d like to do better. We’d like to do more.

ConEd, for example, sets up a big bin in their offices and people drop toys and gifts into it. St Francis Pantries picks up the donations and distributes the hundreds of gifts that are collected at our annual Holiday Parties to struggling NY families.

We’d love to see a lot more of these Toy Drives. If you want to set up a Toy Drive in your offices, please contact us! You collect the toys from your employees or customers – we’ll get them to the people that need them most.

St. Francis gathers hundreds of toys each year through many sources. And distributes every toy to a happy child.

Studies show that office Toy Drives improve employee morale... ...As each person feels as though they are making a difference.

The majority of our toys are given out at our holiday parties.

It's in the giving that we at St. Francis receive.
We are blessed to see the people who receive our gifts.
Each smiling child is our gift.
Thank you to all that make these holidays so special for our clientele.