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On Friday, October 24th 2014, our new friends from Grassi & Co. generously sponsored one of our largest "Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich Making Days" of this year.

Managing Partner and CEO Lou Grassi closed all three of the accounting firm's offices so that employees could participate in the company's annual "Firm Day." On this special day meeting deadlines, issuing financial statements, or collecting billable hours was not the focus - giving back was.

Over 200 Corporate Volunteers met us at the Skyline Hotel in midtown Manhattan to ready and prepare thousands of PB&J sandwiches. Working together (with a sense of friendly competition in the air) their teamwork yielded more than 9,500 sandwiches that were distributed to five of our different food pantry locations.

We'd like to send a special thank you to Frank Vitale and Susan Kern for working with us to coordinate this project and to each of the employees who rose to this challenge in a major way.

We're thrilled that Grassi & Co. chose to volunteer with us! Thank You to Frank Vitale and Susan Kern for all their help!

The corporate volunteers are signing in with smiles in tow. This is what a mega-PB&J Day looks like!

There was no shortage of smiles in the building! We love the looks of focus on the faces of these two.

...Helping others, one PB&J sandwich at a time! This beautiful room, at the Skyline Hotel, was our home for the afternoon!

CEO Lou Grassi (center), Joe Sano (l) and Bob W. (r) of StFFP!
"This is the best way to spend the day!"
Grassi & Co's PB&J-style "Firm Day" is underway!
Helping others puts everyone in a great mood.
THANK YOU, Grassi & Co.!