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Community Programs - Gensler & Disney PB&J Sandwich Days

Gensler Architects and Disney sponsored separate "Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich Days" for St. Francis Food Pantries and Shelters "Brown Bag" Feeding Program.

Gensler held their project in a conference room at their New York headquarters. Over 80 of their employees organized by Nicole Lefebvre volunteered in three shifts and made over 2,500 sandwiches. Gensler Principals Joseph Brancato and Robin Klehr joined the volunteers for the day. Each shift was full of good natured competitive spirit to reach their sandwich goal.

Disney had a group of visiting executives from California who also wanted to be a part of our "Brown Bag" Feeding Program. This small yet mighty team of VoluntEARS proudly made over 1,000 sandwiches which were sent to a Men's and Women's Shelter in midtown Manhattan.

St. Francis Food Pantries and Shelters is very grateful to our "family of corporate sponsors" who help us feed the many less fortunate in New York.

One of the shifts of the Gensler volunteers.The proud Disney VoluntEARS were ready to help.
The employees had a great time making sandwiches for the hungry.Everyone developed their own style of sandwich making.
Over 3,400 sandwiches were made on these two days.Assembly-line sandwich production was a favorite method.
Gensler's conference was filled with volunteers.Disney's team made their sandwiches with lightning speed.

Bob Wechtenhiser from St. Francis Food Pantries with Gensler Principal Joseph Brancato.
Robin Klehr, Gensler Principal (center) with Kelly Colberg Amador and Gina Shevenell.
"Keep making sandwiches. We have to reach our goal!"
Many volunteers found this project very relaxing.
Our "Brown Bag" Feeding Program allows employees to directly help our clients.