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St. Francis Food Pantries and Shelters partnered with HOPE Community Services and held the Annual "Fourth of July Celebration" for the needy families of their Soup Kitchen in New Rochele. A team of dedicated volunteers led by Director Carole Troum prepared the food for over 500 clients. Hundreds of hotdogs and hamburgers were cooked on charcoal grills in the parking lot. The Hope Community Services Community Hall was decorated in red, white and blue decorations and tablecloths. Patriotic and inspirational music was performed by a local musician during the celebration. Plates were filled with traditional "cook out" food and served by volunteers to each table of guests. Every family who attended the meal was thrilled to celebrate their pride in our country, and the special relationship with St. Francis Food Pantries and Shelters.

HOPE Community Services Volunteers set up grilling stations outside the Community Hall.

Hot dogs are always a favorite for the Fourth of July.

Staff and volunteers made delicious dishes for the party.

Red, white and blue decorations created a patriotic party mood.

Meals were served to the seated guests by volunteers.

The kitchen staff prepared the sandwiches for serving.

Music was provided by a local musician.

Tasty desserts were a perfect ending to the lunch.

Volunteers also visited with the guests during the party.
These cooks grilled everything to perfection.
Families had a great time - and a great lunch.
Every plate was filled with the traditional picnic foods.
"God bless America and St. Francis Food Pantries!"