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At the heart of our work, all made possible with the help of our supporters, is the sense of gratitude that comes when we can distribute vital resources to those who we help.

From working mothers or fathers living check-to-check to feed their families, or senior citizens who no longer have the means to provide regular meals for themselves, the clients we assist come from across the social and class spectrums. Since St Francis Food Pantries and Shelters began, our approach is simple: we don't ask who or why, only how we can help.

Our "Stocking the Shelves" initiative of providing groceries and "Brown Bag Feeding Program" (in conjunction with corporate-sponsored "Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich Making Days") are essential means through which we can provide and distribute food. In addition, canned food drives held by our supporters also raise vital resources and provide nourishment. And, finally, such events as our Thanksgiving Basket Project, Bumble Bee Tuna windfall, Easter Dinner Baskets program, and Thanksgiving in February event all work toward our goal: to help remedy the physical and emotional hunger of the poor and needy in a dignified and supportive manner.

If you are interested in holding a food drive to benefit St. Francis Food Pantries and Shelters, please contact us for details.

Food donations getting delivered in bulk. Bulk food donations arrive stacked. They'll have to be broken down for organized distribution.

Organzied bags of food are prepared, and awaitig pickup by our clients. An example of the typical staple foods we provide weekly.

Our volunteers are like family.
There's no doubt our food distribution efforts are helping people in real need.
PB&J sandwiches: If we're not making 'em, we're providing the makings FOR them!