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On the last day of March we hosted a special lunch and invited our friends from FEED Projects to join us.

Lauren Bush Lauren, Founder of FEED, spent the afternoon mingling with a group of seniors at a location that we provide support to. Lauren was in good company alongside FEED volunteers as they served meals and made new friends.

Since it was the week before Easter guests also enjoyed a sweet treat - festive Jordan almonds - scooped with love by volunteers.

Thank You to Lauren Bush Lauren, Margaret Grioli and Tara Troy (both, of Macy's) and all of the FEED volunteers who donated their time on this wonderful afternoon!

Lauren Bush Lauren (third from left) with alongside cheerful FEED volunteers Our lunch guests have begun to arrive!

This FEED volunteer is very happy to help! Yummy! Our guests enjoyed this tasty lunch.

Lunch service for this lively group of seniors, is about to begin. Staff and volunteers are working together to serve hot meals today.

Festive Jordan almonds are given out in honor of the Easter holiday. A candid shot of our volunteers!

FEED volunteers and Lauren Bush Lauren (center) pose for a photo op with Joe Sano (second from right) and Margaret Grioli and Tara Troy (far left and right) of Macy's.
Food and fellowship are in supply on this Tuesday afternoon.
A quick chat before the day of service begins!
There's nothing we love more than seeing smiling corporate volunteers!
Thank you for joining us today FEED!