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Our supporter Ernie Anastos, Emmy Award-winning news anchor, recently took the time out to partner with us on a fun and important project.

On Monday, June 8, 2015, with his popular children's book in tow ("Ernie and The Big Newz"), Ernie led an interactive literacy program at the E.M. Baker School in Great Neck, NY. After receiving a complimentary copy, students gathered in the auditorium, for a special reading of the book. The story gives a glimpse into Ernie's childhood dream-turned-reality of becoming a journalist.

The highlight of the presentation featured a unique opportunity for students to participate in a simulated TV news broadcast and to 'report the news.' In addition, students were able to ask Ernie questions during a Q&A session.

We would like to extend a big thank you to Ernie Anastos, the Baker School faculty: including Ms. Sharon Foughner the Principal, Mr. Jeff Ryvicker the Assistant Principal and Ms. Deanna Bausch the Literacy Coordinator and all of the students who made this day of purpose, education and literacy possible!

The stage is set for "Ernie & the Big Newz!" Our little guests are so excited for today!

The students are thrilled to meet a real-life news anchor! Ernie Anastos greets the 400 Baker School students!

The interactive program is underway! No fear here, as this budding journalist reads the news in front of a huge audience.

"We love the Big Newz book!" Ernie discusses his book with students.

Principal Sharon Foughner with Ernie Anastos.
A student gets Ernie's assistance with the news script.
Joe Sano and Bob W. of St. Francis Food Pantries with friend, Ernie.
Students have the chance to ask Ernie questions during a fun Q&A!
That's a wrap for Ernie & the Big Newz!