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St Francis Food Pantries and Shelters helped provide over 900 Easter baskets to Oasis, a Safe Haven for Women and Children. Oasis answers the call from their community by offering clothing, pantry food, meals and childcare services while also providing the young mothers educational resources to help break the cycle of poverty.

St Francis Food Pantries and Shelters shares with Oasis the importance of family. As Oasis Executive Director Sr. Gloria Perez puts it, "Today's family structure is not the structure of the past. Our community is made up predominantly of single parent families. And when you work with the poor, they are so busy trying to support a family and pay their rent, that sometimes family values can get lost."

During Easter, the goal of both St Francis Food Pantries and Oasis was to provide the food and Easter baskets that bring families together, to sit at the same table and share with each other gifts, friendship, values and tradition.

Throughout the year, St Francis Food Pantries and Shelters is able to take on donated items from partners like Macy's and Ross Stores. The St. Francis team collects these donated items, inventory's them and eventually prepares the items as gifts for events throughout the year. When Oasis inquired about teaming up for the Easter Party, St Francis Food Pantries did whatever we could to make a worthwhile difference.

Before the families arrive, the Easter baskets are given the finishing touches. The Easter Bunny's den has been decorated with art that was made by the children.

As the children arrive, they are greeted by Mr. & Mrs. Easter Bunny. It seems the mothers can't help but get into the mood as they pan for a picture with the Easter Bunny.

As the inside of Oasis is prepared for everyone's arrival, the children ask for individual pictures. Almost ready to go inside, one more picture!

Before the children get their Easter baskets, they sit as a family and have a balanced meal. All the Easter baskets are prepared.

After eating their meal, families can begin to meet the Easter Bunny and receive a basket.
The Easter Bunny welcomes all people, all religions.
This little girl looks like she's not so sure.
And this little girl is probably scared of Santa Claus too!
Looks like the Easter Bunny needed some air. Hey, that's the Director of Social Services at Oasis, Jim Walsh.