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During the month of May, in honor of Mother's Day, St Francis Food Pantries and Shelters runs our annual Diaper Drive. Since the inception of this drive, the demand for diapers has grown larger than we have projected, with new inquiries about baby formula as well. This has caused us to extend our Diaper Drive out through July.

As we have fielded more inquiries for diapers, we have learned more about who is asking for them and how they are being distributed. There were so many stories that we wanted people to know. We are currently documenting the diaper drive and will have a video that will be shown at our upcoming Women of Valor Tea Event. That video will also be posted on our website, YouTube and VIMEO pages. When we put a face to the people that we provide for, when we hear their story, we are moved with compassion.

Funding for the diaper drive is unfortunately low this year, especially given that our need has grown. St Francis asks a lot from our supporters, and we appreciate all that we receive. If you would consider a small donation, we would be so grateful.

Joe Sano inspects pallets of diapers while crew mentally prepares to break them down. The work begins.

Stocking the shelves at St Francis HQ. Now that's a lot of diapers!

Diapers being reshelved AT the pantries.
Breaking down the donations into smaller packaging.
We couldn't do it without our wonderful volunteers.