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At St. Francis Food Pantries and Shelters, we are big proponents of children expressing themselves and having access to the arts. So whenever the Christian Youth Theater (CYT) has a new production underway, we are always happy to help!

This year we were able to sponsor the tuition for several children to perform in CYT NYC's newest production, Willy Wonka Jr. at the Rose Nagelberg Theatre.

The performers of CYT NYC included over 30 students, from across the tri-state area, who wowed the audience with their tremendous talent!

(Willy Wonka images by Jeremy Daniel via CYT NYC's website.)

Enjoy photos of past productions on our Facebook page, they include: "Seusscial Jr." and "You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown."

Look, there’s Willy Wonka Jr. himself! Those smiles can only mean one thing – golden tickets!

Willy Wonka, oompa loompas and many more! Sweet tooth, anyone?

Can we all agree that the cast is adorable? We’re predicting many Tony Awards in these kid’s futures.

It looks like the gang is taking a trip. We love these great costumes!

Behind the scenes of Willy Wonka Jr.!
The transformation is underway.
A little bit of downtime calls for a rubric’s cube.
The 'kiddie cast' of Willy Wonka Jr. did a fantastic job!
This cast member wipes off makeup after a job well done.