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"Care. Volunteer. Smile." on Friday, May 15, 2015 volunteers from Colgate-Palmolive put their company mantra into action.

Over 40 employees teamed up to pack and box over 1200 personal hygiene kits that were distributed to our clients. Each kit included: toothpaste, a toothbrush, two bars of deodorant (for women and men) and a three-pack of soap.

All of the products were generously donated by Colgate.

While many of us may not give a second thought when we purchase basic necessities, for someone who is struggling to make ends meet, these items can add up.

Thank You to all of the volunteers who took part in this project and a very special thank you to Nicole Tsemelis for helping us to coordinate an awesome group of volunteers!

A big thank you to Colgate for donating thousands of these items. We are always happy to work with the awesome volunteers from Colgate!

Those t-shirts facing out mean these volunteers are hard at work. Over 1200 personal hygiene kits are being packed today!

We are so grateful for our relationship with Colgate!
Words to live by, if you ask us.
Things we love: smiling faces while helping those in need.