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As colder temperatures settle over the New York City area, our clients rely on us more than ever for essentials. During this time, one of the most vital donations that we hope to receive is that of coats, and other cold weather accessories.

We are very grateful to all the individuals and companies who go the extra mile to host coat drives and more on our behalf.

Such as Warburg’s Mary Anne Fusco, who’s been hosting an annual coat drive with #StFFP for 17 years. To date, Mary Anne and her team have collected and distributed more than 15,000 coats, scarves and winter accessories to our many clients and their families.

Or Steve Kaufman, president of The Kaufman Organization, an NYC-based real estate company that owns and manages commercial properties all over the metro area. Every year, when the weather starts getting colder, Steve places large boxes in the lobbies of his buildings to collect coats and other winter accessories from those working in the buildings. The response is consistently positive. Tenants and building employees are eager to drop off coats, jackets, scarves and whatnot, and volunteers from StFFP pick them all up for distribution.

This is part of what helps make St Francis Food Pantries and Shelters work. Whether they are longtime corporate supporters, or are partnering with us for the first time, no donation goes unnoticed.

Mary Anne Fusco continues her great work collecting coats for St Francis. Decorated boxes are set up in the lobby of office building that people pass every day.

St Francis collects the boxes periodically to disperse throughout our network. Decorated boxes remind people that their coat is a gift to someone.

The Kaufman Organization, a NY-based real estate company, allows St Francis to place boxes in the lobbies of all their buildings.
All coats are boxed and inventoried before delivery.
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