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St. Francis Food Pantries and Shelters "Cinco de Mayo Dinner" was celebrated at our Soup Kitchen in New Rochelle. Brightly colored hand made decorations and Mexican flags decorated the hall where the party was held. Director Carole Troum, her staff and volunteers worked all day preparing traditional Mexican Food for the guests. Once everything was in place a team of cheerful volunteers served the delicious "dinner feast" to over 400 clients of this Soup Kitchen. The festivities also included a special treat of live music provided by a Mariachi Band as well as singers and dancers, who delighted everyone. The people who rely on this Soup Kitchen every week had a wonderful time laughing and visiting with each other throughout the evening. This "Cinco de Mayo Celebration" is another example of the special care St. Francis Food Pantries and Shelters provides to the less fortunate.

The hall was filled with over 400 clients for the celebration.

Volunteers worked all day preparing all of the dishes.

Many traditional dishes were created for the feast.

A Mariachi Band delighted everyone with lively music.

Bright colored decorations and flags really set the mood.

These tasty cakes were the perfect dessert!

Plates were filled and served to the guests by volunteers.

"Dancing really makes me feel young!"

Wonderful Mexican songs filled the air during the party.
The volunteers were proud to have helped.
Families and friends enjoyed visiting with each other.
Great food was served to all.
"This party was really fun. Thank you St. Francis Food Pantries for thinking of us."