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Christmas in July

Many people may not realize that Christmas in July is a recognized (but unofficial) holiday. The term originated from the fact that in the southern hemisphere, Christmas is celebrated in the summer, the peak month of their winter season.

Oasis Summer Camps provides a classic camp experience for children from low-income families. And to make the summer camp experience different and fun, Oasis always throws a Christmas in July celebration.

The children never know about it beforehand, though. It's a normal day of camp that might include soccer or basketball on the playground, storytelling in one of the classrooms, or maybe art projects. Then the kids are all called to the cafeteria for a surprise.

What could be the biggest surprise to a child in the middle of July? That would have to be Santa Clause! Except, this Santa Clause is looking like he's been on vacation. Santa comes into the cafeteria wearing shorts and a Bermuda shirt.

And thanks to St. Francis Food Pantries, Santa has hundreds of gifts for the children.

To say it’s a big hit with the campers would be the understatement of the Christmas – summer – season!

Ever wonder how Santa dresses in the summer? Excited children line up to receive an unexpected July gift.

Santa's elves dress for summer, too. Thanks to St. Francis, there was no shortage of toys.

Followed by the excitement of seeing each other's gifts...
...And then figuring out how to play them.
Christmas is always a hit, no matter what month it's in!