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St. Francis Food Pantries and Shelters recently sponsored a theatrical experience for over 120 children and their parents.

The children were chosen from two groups that we support in our network and taken to the The Christian Youth Theatre, an after-school theatre arts program for students between 6 and 18 years old that is located in midtown Manhattan. The play was perfomed in the 777 Theatre.

Laura Gimpel of Google, one of our past Theatre Event Honorees, was the volunteer coordinator who helped organize our visit.

"You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown" was enthusiastically received by the children in the audience. They were treated to snacks during intermission and also got the opportunity to visit with some of the cast members after the show.

The theme of the show was happiness - with Charlie Brown exhibiting his relentless determination to be happy. This theme is not foreign to St. Francis Food Pantries since our mission is to provide the same to those who are in need.

An excited family shows their tickets that St Francis Food Pantries provided to attend the show. Charlie Brown is surrounded by his friends.

The "Twins" helped sing the praises of Charlie Brown. Linus (in red striped shirt) is supported by other characters as he described his friend "The Blanket".

An opportunity to see a live show performed by other children brings a smile to the face of these children. Linus offers help and hope to Charlie Brown.

Snacks were distributed by "stage hands in training" for the audience during the intermission. The size of the theatre made the performance even better.

St Francis Food Pantries employee Bob Wechtenhiser is joined by volunteer coordinator Laura Gimpel (left) and CYT Artistic Director Corrie Cooper.
Woodstock spread his wings to reveal the cast.
To add to the excitement of the evening, a raffle of show related gifts was done at the end of the performance.
You really are a good man Charlie Brown for meeting with our guests after the performance.
Woodstock was happy St. Francis Food Pantries enjoyed the show.