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St. Francis Food Shelters and Pantries recently introduced a new Community Program - a "Caribbean Luncheon." This luncheon was held as a tribute to Chris Phillips, the late son of TPG Architecture founder Jim Phillips who has been the host of our annual "Golf for Hunger and Pool Party" for many years.

Over 30 TPG Architecture volunteers organized by Carissa Bryne served the meal waiter-style to over 250 guests from a Food Pantry we help support. They relished the savory luncheon which consisted of jerk chicken, pasta and Caribbean shrimp, pork ala criolla, plantains, sweet potatoes along with other Caribbean goodies, while listening to the tropical music. The hall was decorated "Caribbean style" to add to the festivities.

The children enjoyed the balloon sculpting and face painting by some of the volunteers and each guest received a candy lollipop when they departed.

Our guests were really delighted with this special luncheon and thanked our TPG volunteers and St. Francis Food Pantries for another special afternoon together.

Over 30 TPG volunteers were ready to serve the meal in honor of Chris Phillips. Beautiful tropical decorations and music completed the Caribbean feel.

A terrific catered lunch of Caribbean delights was plated by the volunteers. Over 250 guests were served at their tables by the TPG "waiters".

Carissa Byrne (in yellow top) organized the volunteers who wore tropical accents. Service with a smile - what could be better than this?

"This is a wonderful party!" Face painters created a fun experience for the children.

Fr. Francis, Joe Sano - Executive Director of St. Francis Food Pantries, Jim Phillips - TPG Founder, and Jim DeSimone were proud of this event.
"This party makes us feel like we are in the Caribbean enjoying a wonderful afternoon!"
Volunteers Susan Littlefield and son Daniel were happy to help give back to the clients.
Guests received a candy treat and fruit at the end of the Luncheon.
"Thank you, thank you St. Francis Pantries for making us feel special!"