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Basic necessities, such as soap, deodorant and toothpaste, should be accessible for all. In reality, however, these items can become expensive for those who already struggle to make ends meet and provide for their family.

Enter Lynn Quartararo (a supporter of St. Francis Food Pantries and Shelters) and the Rye Troop 2 Boy Scouts. Wishing to "pay it forward" for a deserving organization, the Boy Scouts worked together to assemble hundreds of hygiene kits. Each kit contained: deodorant, toothpaste, a toothbrush, soap, shampoo, baby powder, lotion, mouthwash and a shaver - vital personal care items that most of us can regularly purchase without a second thought.

POTS (Part of the Solution), a Bronx-based organization, was the beneficiary of these kits. The recipients were truly grateful for this small - but important - act of kindness.

Members of Rye Troop 2 worked together to assemble hundreds of hygiene kits! The items placed inside of these hygiene kits were vital ones.

Lots and lots of deodorant, to make 300 kits. An assembly line was the strategy of choice for these Boy Scouts.

Teamwork at its finest!
When you struggle to make ends meet, even a small purchase can break the bank.
Thank you to the Boy Scouts and Lynn Quartararo for this project!