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Sometimes, "playing with your food" CAN actually be warranted!

Take a few weeks ago for instance, when employees from BNP Paribas participated in a unique team-building activity. This exercise required them to utilize items of non-perishable food in an unconventional way. By pooling their skills, the team members were challenged (and encouraged) to build a functional "golf course."

The two-hour long program culminated with the 82 cases of canned and boxed food, which was used during the activity, to be donated to St. Francis Food Pantries and Shelters. All of these items were then distributed to a large food pantry that we help to support in Brooklyn, New York.

Thank you to Richard Skoller, Valerie Yorio, and Jessica Saltz for assisting with coordinating this donation, and to everyone who played a role and "played with their food" for a great cause.

BNP Paribas team members work together to build a golf course. A Putting tournament like this needs a name.

Who knew these items could pull double duty like this?! After the event, these items of food will serve feed the clients of our food pantries.

"As much fun as this is, knowing that the food will help others is the biggest reward."
This is a spot-on theme for today's activity!
Thank you BNP Paribas! The over 80 cases of food used will directly benefit our clients.