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Back2School Picnic

In August we held our popular, annual Back2School Picnic at Orchard Beach in Pelham, with the help of our good friends at Macy’s. More than 150 people attended, including children and grandparents from the Grandparent's Advocacy Project in the Bronx.

Children ranging from age 4-16 years old enjoyed a day of sports activities, arts & crafts, fun and games…as well as music and dancing.

Everyone enjoyed a delicious barbecue-style lunch...and almost everyone got to take food home with them, as we had plenty on-hand, and to-go boxes as well!

At the end of the picnic, backpacks filled with school supplies were given out to all the children to ensure they are prepared for the new school year.

The picnic is a day away from the city for many kids.
It's also a fun way to get much-needed supplies for the new school year.