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On Saturday, January 31, 2015 St. Francis Food Pantries and Shelters sponsored an "Annual Dinner for the Needy" held at St. John's Church, near Penn Station in Manhattan.

Hundreds of guests were hosted by volunteers who served them "restaurant style," at numbered tables.

The hearty meal featured a menu of penne pasta with meatballs, herb spiced chicken with vegetable rice, salad, rolls and coffee, tea, cake and cookies.

Our special guest attendees (who were homeless and/or otherwise in need of a helping hand) also had the opportunity to choose a coat from the selected donations and receive a hat, gloves and scarves to brave the winter weather.

As always, thank you to June Tang-How who coordinated the effort and everyone who volunteered to aid so many people in need!

Volunteers are prepping meals at our "Dinner for the Needy" Cheerful volunteers have the sweet treats table under control!

"We're having a great time, thank you for the meal." Happy to be feeding so many people this afternoon.

A volunteer provides entertainment for hundreds of guests. June Tang-How sits with guests at the annual meal.

"It's freezing out, but warm in here and the food is delicious." Coats and cold weather accessories were distributed at the event.

Thank You to an awesome group of volunteers from Brewster, NY
June Tang-How (and her awesome volunteer group) have done it again!
On this afternoon, teamwork was in no short supply.
Music to our ears literally!
One of the most noble things you can do is give back to others!