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WABC & St. Francis

John Catsimatidis, president of Big Apple Group, and his wife Margo, are both extremely generous people and great, longtime friends to and tireless supporters of St. Francis Food Pantries and Shelters.

St. Francis has always been blessed throughout the years to have the support of people that truly understand what we are trying to accomplish and donate resources to help us achieve our mission.

John recently purchased 77WABC radio, and has used that media beacon to inform the tri-state area of our efforts to feed the poor and disadvantaged.

We will take any opportunity to expand the reach of our message, and are always open to finding new ways to communicate our passion for our mission and to reach new audiences...and potential supporters and volunteers!

Faced with a double-whammy dilemma of a reduction in donations due to the pandemic forcing us to cancel most of our large fundraising events, and a significant increase in the amount of people coming to our pantries for assistannce, our goal is the same as ever: To keep doing what we always do.

St. Francis of Assissi once imparted this wisdom: "Start by what's doing what is necessary. Then, do what's possible. Suddenly, you are doing the impossible."

With this partnership with WABC radio, we can share the mission of St. Francis with their listeners, and we can begin the impossible.
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